How much do you know about pencil cases and PP Pen Box of different materials?


Memories of the generations born in the 80s and 90s, the three-layer bus stationery box, at the time, it was considered a relatively high-end stationery box, with rulers and compasses on the first layer, pencils and pens on the second layer, and pencils and pens on the third layer. Putting on the eraser is full of memories, and you can still find such a stationery box now, but it doesn't have the original taste anymore.

Most student parties have now abandoned this fragile metal stationery box and used PP Pen Box, nylon pencil cases, and cowhide pencil cases. These materials make the stationery more durable. Simplicity, practicality, durability, and texture have become their primary criteria for pencil case selection.

1. Frosted leather pencil case

Retro classic frosted leather pencil case, made of frosted material, soft and thick to the touch. The reason why the frosted leather pencil case became popular is probably because of its style, wear resistance and durability. With deep colors, the pencil case looks more textured, made of cowhide, soft and thick, without worrying about being squeezed, classic and durable.

2. Canvas pencil case

Canvas pencil cases made of cotton and linen are used by people ranging from elementary school to university. Why can canvas pencil cases be so popular? The canvas material is resistant to pulling, and has a small size and large capacity, which can hold more pens. In addition, the canvas can be woven and dyed. The pattern can be cartoon or personalized, suitable for different groups. In addition, the canvas pencil case is also Various small cosmetics, data cables, etc. can be installed, which can be said to be very practical.

3.PP Pen Box

The PP pen box is made of polypropylene, with low transparency, low gloss and low rigidity. However, the PP Pen Box has excellent impact resistance. The surface rigidity and scratch resistance are very good, and the density is low. Material-like plastic has become lighter.