How to keep your mini cutter sharp all the time?


Mini cutter is a tool that we often use in our lives, but it is easy to rust if it is not properly maintained. Today, I will teach you how to maintain a mini cutter.
1. Prepare the maintenance mini cutter, maintenance oil, cotton cloth, talcum powder;

2. First, evenly pat the talcum powder on the blade to make it fully absorb the residual grease on the blade;

3. Use cotton cloth together with the talcum powder, dust and grease on the mini cutter body (remember to take the mini cutter from the back of the mini cutter and be careful to scratch your hands);

4. The blade is bright and distinct after being wiped;

5. Apply special maintenance oil to the mini cutter body;

6. Apply some evenly, then wipe the grease evenly with a cotton cloth;

7. Wipe the blade evenly, so that the grease is evenly covered on the blade;

8. After wiping, the blade is brighter and has a little grease luster.