Classification of Stationery Item


1. Student stationery

Student stationery is one of the most important branches of stationery item, and the main user group is students.
Student stationery item categories include: pencil cases, pencil cases, pencils, mechanical pencils, watercolor pens, whiteboard pens, ballpoint pens, gel pens, oil pastels, oily pens, crayons, pens, school bags, erasers, pencil sharpeners, pen sharpeners, Liquid glue, solid glue, ruler, compasses, utility knife, scissors, book cover, correction tape, file folder, booklet, file bag, drawing board, pen core, etc.

2. Office stationery
Office stationery, as the name suggests, is office stationery, which is very different from student stationery. The main target groups of office stationery are enterprises, institutions, factories, government agencies, etc. One characteristic of office stationery is the pursuit of practicality and durability, and no popular patterns. This is also a difference from student stationery.

The classification of office stationery is also very wide, such as three needles and one nail, accounting supplies, stationery supplies, documents and vouchers. It is worth mentioning that some labor supplies, tea and water supplies are also included in office supplies by some stationery companies, because they are also things needed for office work.