Is the mini cutter a controlled cutter?


According to the "Standard for Identification of Controlled Knives", mini cutter are not regarded as controlled knives. The reasons are as follows:

1. Anyone that meets one of the following standards can be regarded as a controlled knife-tool:

(1)Dagger: a single-edged, double-edged or multi-edged sharp knife with a handle, a knife grid and a blood trough, and the tip angle is less than 60 degrees.

(2)Triangular scraper: a machine tool with three blades.

(3)Spring-knife with self-locking device (jump knife): After the knife body is unfolded or ejected, the self-locking folding knife can be fixed by the spring or the lock in the knife handle.

(4)Other similar single-edged, double-edged, and three-edged sharp knives: all kinds of single-edged, double-edged and multi-edged knives with a blade angle of less than 60 degrees and a blade length of more than 150 mm.

(5)All kinds of single-edged, double-edged and multi-edged tools with blade angles greater than 60 degrees and blade length exceeding 220 mm.

2. All kinds of martial arts, crafts, gifts and other knives that have no cutting edge and whose tip chamfer radius R is greater than 2.5 mm do not belong to the category of controlled knives.