What are the meanings of stationery item?


Stationery Item refers to cultural learning tools, basic auxiliary tools used in daily work, learning and management. The classification of stationery is also very wide, such as three needles and one nail, accounting supplies, stationery supplies, documents and vouchers. It is worth mentioning that some labor supplies and tea supplies are also included in stationery by some stationery companies, because they are also things needed for office work.

1. Stationery Item can refer to provisions.
Song Chen Liang "Ting Dui": "Grass grass is also viewed with stories, and stationery responds to it." Yan Fu "Determination of Salvation": "As stationery remains empty, Bangjichao."

2. Dressing box.Small and exquisite, it is used to place toilet utensils, gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, etc.
"Jingshitongyan Du Shiniang sinks into the treasure chest in anger": "After "Yuelang", my fate starts from the person who traces the gold stationery to the front. The blockade is very solid, and I don't know what is in it." "A Dream of Red Mansions" Chapter 57 : "I saw two or three mirrors in your stationery. Leave me the one with Xiao Linghua."

3. Stationery Item can also refer to pens, inks, papers, inkstones and other items used for painting, calligraphy, poetry and learning.

Qing Pu Songling's "Strange Stories from a Lonely Studio · West Lake Master": "When you go to the pavilion, there are stationery on the case." The eleventh chapter of "Hua Yue Mark": "The reason for Caiqiu said to Hesheng:'You bring stationery. Write the pair, just write it here.' So the attendants put the stationery on the square table."