Why are the mushroom shaped transparent magnets produced in the same batch different in magnetic force?


When we produce mushroom shaped transparent magnets, we often encounter different sizes of magnet products produced from the same magnet material, and there are differences in the magnitude of the magnetic force. This is because the magnetic force of a magnet is mainly expressed as a Gauss value, which is the unit of magnetic force often referred to by our magnet manufacturers. Usually the larger the value of this Gaussian value, the stronger the magnetic force, so why is the Gaussian value different for different sizes produced? Let’s talk to you about this issue today.

The strong magnet in the mushroom shaped transparent magnet is composed of neodymium iron boron material. In theoretical data, if the thickness of the magnet is reduced with the same material, the Gauss value of the magnet will also decrease, and the magnetic force will become weaker. The magnetic force of the magnet will increase with the increase of the area.   

The focus is on the size of the attraction here; the higher the magnetism of the magnet, the greater the attraction per unit area! 

Suction = unit surface magnetism * unit area. However

it cannot be simply assumed that a magnet with a high surface magnetism must have a large attractive force! 

So to sum up, the difference in Gauss value of magnets of different sizes produced from the same batch of materials for mushroom shaped transparent magnets is actually normal. If you have any questions about magnets, you can contact us.