The usages of pen cases


Pen case is a well-known stationery. A small pen case plays a very important role in students' studies.Pens, rulers, erasers, knives and other supplies which are used in learning can be stored in pen cases, so they are not easy to lose.Common pen case materials are iron, plastic, woodand cloth. 
1. Iron pen cases
There are no overly fancy patterns on them, as opposed to wooden and plastic ones.
For pen cases, iron ones are not easy to be deformed and damaged.They are very practical and suitable for elementary school students.
2. Plastic pen cases
Bright colors and rich patterns.They are very popular among elementary and middle school students in the mass market.And even college students sometimes use them.
3. Wooden pen cases
They are very rare now, they are engraved with all kinds of graphics, but
primary and secondary school students often do not use them because the color is too simple
tune, so the number of wooden pen cases are decreased gradually .
4. Cloth pen cases
There is also a kind of pen cases made of cloth. In recent years, they have become popular among primary and secondary school students. Pen cases are easy to carry and very practical.
Plastic Double Side Pencil Case