Material type of pencil box


1.Iron pencil case

There are no fancy patterns on it. Compared with wooden and plastic stationery boxes, iron is not easy to deform or damage. In addition, it is very practical and suitable for primary school students.

2. Plastic pencil case

Bright colors and rich patterns, but there is no iron stationery box that resists falling and deformation. It is very popular among elementary and middle school students in the mass market, and even college students sometimes use it.

3. Wooden pencil case

Various graphics are engraved on the surface, but elementary and middle school students often do not use it, because the color is too monotonous, so wooden stationery boxes are gradually scarce.

4. Pencil case
There is also a pencil case made of cloth, its real name is "pen bag", and it is the "new favorite of stationery case" for primary and middle school students in recent years. It is easy to carry and practical, and it is very suitable for our children.