How to assemble a mini cutter


1. First take out the mini cutter, find the button at the tail of the mini cutter, and pull it out forcefully.

2. Then slide the middle dicing and blade out of the knife shell together, so that a blade and slider come out together. But the blade is buckled by a fixed dot.

3. The blade cannot be taken out directly on the net. You need to put the blade and the slider at a 90 degree angle, and then the blade can be taken out upwards.

4. Then take out the matching blade. It must be noted here that the width of the blade is differentiated, and the blade must be as wide as the original blade. Then follow the disassembly method and reinstall it.

5. Finally, cover the fixed file at the tail of the mini cutter, be sure to fasten it, and mark it out with a non-slip block. In this way, the blade of the mini cutter is replaced.